Product Management Resources For Startups [A Collection]

Product Management is an art and as a startup, you need to  find out the product/market fit at a very early stage in the company.
In all my workshops, I insist startups to not outsource the Product Management activity – even hiring a PM at an early stage is outsourcing to an extent, as defining a product is part of your bplan (and vice versa as well).

We have extensively covered Product Management articles and let me share a few resources that I have found tremendously useful. We hope you like it too.

What is Product Management.

Theoretically,¬†Product Manager’s role is to sit between marketing, engineering, sales and define the right product features (which engineering can build, marketeers can market and sales can sell).

For startups, things are a bit different. Watch this presentation detailing the PM role (I’ll call it PM discipline).

What to Build? Minimum Desirable Product

The lean product principle – well, learn some more fundamentals around this.

What to Measure?

We all love data and measure what’er goes up. Well, here is a great presentation by David McClure on Startup Metrics that matter.

Customer Development?

“More startups Fail from a Lack of Customers than from a Failure of Product Development” (Steve Blank)- so why not bring them at the center and build a product around that?

The Summary

The below presentation by Steve Blank pretty much summarizes the core of PM function in a startup.

Why Product Managers Need Sneakers

View more presentations from steve blank.

Still got some stamina left? Well, watch this fun video on collecting feature requirements (from different stakeholders).

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