Product Managers Should Look Beyond Search: Browse Merchandising

Site search has evolved to a point where product managers can specify which products to display and which ones to promote in search results.

Christoph Michels
Christoph Michels

Within search, they can run promotions on given days or weeks in a year. Essentially, sync’ing search results with their marketing campaigns.

Site search, however, is just one part of the conversion equation.

For visitors who browse, it is easy to see catalog navigation as simply database navigation pages. However, products managers overlook that they can run similar campaign on catalog pages too.

Displaying products with highest potential of purchase is the key to increasing conversions. Running promotions through both search and catalog pages maximizes the website real estate used for conversions. It increases the conversions by showing products that actually interest the visitors.

To accomplish this, a complete merchandising tool must help run promotions through a unified dashboard. It must provide a single window that helps manage promotions for both search and browsing pages. A tool like this:

  • Drastically improves conversions on the website by as much as 400%.
  • Reduces cost of merchandising operations.
  • Eliminates the risk of human errors while running promotion campaigns.

Ultimately, the goal is to convert those visitors who spend more time browsing for products without intent to purchase. Displaying interesting products to helps target such visitors and increase revenue.

What’s your take?

[Guest post by Shehjar Tikoo of Unbxd.]

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