What Language Does Your Product Speak?

You only have two choices – English or ‘Your Language’.

Products built by geeks have a ‘my-way or highway’ messaging and they tend to not look at things from user’s perspective. Leaving all the text aside, let me show you two great examples of an ideal product language.

This is a screenshot from Statcounter’s installation guide.

What’s interesting is how easily they have differentiated between the two versions of WordPress (other analytics products will bring webmasters in the picture!).

The What, Who and Where?

Buddypress - Call to Action
Buddypress - Call to Action

How many products can nail down the intent as nicely as what Buddypress does?

Most of the products keep themselves in the center (“What we do”) and not the user (i.e. “How can we help you”).

What’s your take? What language does your product speaks?