First things first – BigAdda has just launched [still in invite stage]; so it won’t be fair to write it off [I know many bloggers will, saying that it’s just another copy of Orkut/MySpace] but instead let me share my first feel of the product!

I took a quick ride of and have mixed reactions:

  • Desi seed content: Thankfully, most of the content in BigAdda is desi stuff [esp. videos]. One of the launch lesson is to make sure that users don’t go back feeling – “I will put my content after others have”, because they never come back.The reason why desi content is important is because it strikes a chord with the end user; and moreover the users feel connected with the product [I am completely disconnected with minglebox/jhoom and all other socionets]
  • Secondly, BigAdda is a mix of Orkut, Hi5 and other social nets – Now, one can always say they are just copying the stuff.
    Honestly, I really don’t care if they are! As long as users see a need and actually use the system, you have a winner.In short, this game isn’t about building new features, but about being the lifeline of end users [i.e. users should be dependent on the product for certain needs]!

Has BigAdda achieved that? Too early to announce the verdict.

What really sucks?
The launch doesn’t justify the hype surrounding BigAdda. I expected atleast one killer feature/experience [with the usual/mundane stuff] – but somehow I am left disappointed.
Also, the guys at Reliance should come out in the open [i.e.have a BigAdda blog] and connect with the users [IMHO, it’s too difficult to imagine some cool guy building cooolio products and working for Reliance!!]

Only time will tell how Big BigAdda gets. Meanwhile, take the tour and do share your comments/feedback on BigAdda. Will ya switch from Orkut to BigAdda?

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