Introducing Voiee :: a service your mom will love to use

Ever needed a service which can enable your mom to send you a voicemail without her struggling with computers and Internet connection? And all she needs to do is call…

Ever needed a service which can enable your mom to send you a voicemail without her struggling with computers and Internet connection?

And all she needs to do is call up a number, and leave a message! And all you’ve gotta do is login to your mailbox and listen to the message!!

Sounds too cool. Isn’t it?

Here is introducing Voiee to you.

What is Voiee?
Voiee lets you set up secure, password-protected web-based mailboxes, where you can receive voice messages sent through landlines or mobile phones.

How does it work?
Pretty simple to use. Once you create your login, you will get a VPIN [a unique number]. Those who wanna leave a voicemail to you, will call you on the number [currently it is +91 80 30523633 ], enter your VPIN and record the message.

And you will receive the message in your Voiee inbox [in mp3 format].

Now the business value:
I am very impressed with the very idea of this service. If marketed well, this service can be a huge huge success among the Indians staying/studying in US.
And why do I think so? Well, given the fact that most of Indian students [in US especially] don’t necessarily belong to metros [where there is ubiquitious Internet connection], a voicemail like this can have a huge reach among the non-metro cities.

Parents will have a joyride using this service.

There are a few nifty features I really liked – most importantly, the inbuilt player. One need not download the mp3, Voiee has an inbuilt player.

Areas of Improvement:

  • First things first – I am hoping that Voiee gets a 1800/toll free number. Not because call charges are huge, but because Panipat-based folks will never call Bangalore number to leave message for their son who is in US.!It doesn’t sound too logical, but that’s the way users behave. There is an inhibition to use such a system, especially if I need to call up a STD number.
    But given that Voiee has been launched very recently, I am sure they will look into these issues in the coming time.
  • The default space is 25MB. Typically, I expect them to increase this space or charge a premium for lets say, an unlimited mailbox.
  • How about integration with social nets? Imagine the ability to leave voicemails to your Orkut friends? Or integration with Skype?
  • UI – Quite a draggy feel. Though I don’t have any major issue with the UI, but given the fact that it comes from Genie guys [they are into UI designing], I have colorful expectations!
  • Build more services – the feature that Voiee offers has a huge value, but maybe over a period of time, they would want to add more services around the core product. Right now, it’s quite a bare bones stuff and I will be glad to see something more [for e.g. integration with social nets, maybe with merchants etc]

Give Voiee a spin and share your comments [by the way, I would love to receive your voicemail, my VPIN is 1 [me early bird ,you see!]

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