Your Roadmap To Product Roadmaps

A Product Roadmap is a fundamental part of Product Management. It helps align teams, provides a vision and helps keep track of the necessary big picture view that stakeholders as well as team personnel require.

The creation and maintenance of executable and high quality roadmaps is a methodical process and there are a variety of opinions on how a Product Manager should go about it.

In this collection, we have gathered a number of articles and videos that will help you get up and running with the entire process.

#1 Why Roadmaps Are Important For A Product Manager

Roadmaps are an extremely important part of Product Management. By creating and maintaining detailed roadmaps, Product Managers help a team stay on track and focus on execution as well as the finer details of prioritizing what is important for a product and its users.

In this video, Todd Birzer of Kevolve Product Management offers a well-rounded and short intro to Long-term product roadmaps, how to go about them and why they’re necessary to maintain sanity in a team’s workflow.Key Takeaways:

a. Roadmaps are time-based charts showing the planned evolution of a product & service.

b. Roadmaps help prioritize technology investments.

c. Help build breakthrough, market-leading products.

d. Provide long-term, sustained advantages.

e. New product development process: Market Intelligence -> Strategy -> Technology assesment -> Innovation ideas -> Roadmap -> New product development -> Launch

f. Roadmaps must be made by a Product Manager in alliance with R&D team.

g. Establish a roadmap team: A small group of senior Product Managers & R&D team staff.

submitted by Neeraj Dikshit

#2 The Art Of Building A Product Roadmap

A roadmap is a crucial aspect of any product plan. Yet, most teams struggle with building one and maintaining it. In this video, Sherif Mansour of Atlassian shares his method to create and make the most of roadmaps.

Key Takeaways:

--> Be data informed, not data driven.

--> Focus on problems, not features.

--> Group problems into themes.

--> Plan for ‘now’, ‘next’ and ‘someday’.

--> Personify features, not just users.

--> Personas drive roadmap decisions.

submitted by Neeraj Dikshit

#3 Product Roadmap Essentials

Key Takeaways:

"The product roadmap typically illustrates the following key elements:

--> Product strategy and goals

--> What products and features will be built

--> When those product features will be built

--> Who is responsible for building those products and features

--> “Themes” or high-level priorities"

Incorporate input from following stakeholders:

--> Customer feedback

--> Engineering

--> Sales and marketing

--> The c-suite

--> Partners

--> Company vision

--> Company business objectives

--> Company and product strategy

submitted by Neeraj Dikshit

#4 How To Create A Product Roadmap

Why are Product Roadmaps effective?

--> Prioritize tasks and initiatives

--> Track progress toward goals

--> Coordinate activities across teams

--> Build consensus and understanding within teams

--> Create transparency, internally and externally

Some actionable advice for how to design a roadmap:

"--> Use color to categorize tasks by type, status, or priority

--> Use bar fill level to indicate task progress

--> Use arrows to indicate dependencies

--> Use diamonds to represent milestones

--> Use bold outlines to highlight critical tasks or paths"

submitted by Neeraj Dikshit

#5 Best Practices For Product Roadmaps

Creating a Product Roadmap:

Step 1: Define your product strategy.

Step 2: Gather requirements.

Step 3: Assign a broad timeframe to your initiatives.

Step 4: Tailor your roadmap to your stakeholder(s).

Step 5: Share your product roadmap with everyone in the team.

Best Practices:

1. Present a Visual Product Roadmap.

2. Have Different Versions of Your Product Roadmap.

3. Share Your Product Roadmap.

4. Create A Flexible Roadmap

5. Involve Your Stakeholder Community in Regular Intervals

6. Spend 10 Minutes with Your Product Roadmap On A Daily Basis

submitted by Neeraj Dikshit

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