Product Sampling Meets an Online Platform at TryOrTrade

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Product Sampling Meets an Online Platform at TryOrTrade

Search for a product online and a long list of web portals will be at your service. From discounted deals to latest accessories, travel to groceries, one can buy any desired item from the plethora of e-commerce websites.tryortrade

But what if a website offers you the access to a product which is not even out in the market?

TryOrTrade is an e-commerce platform which works on the principle of targeted sampling. Product samples are fetched directly from the brands instead of distributors and are made available to public for sale.

Delhi based startup help brands in reaching out to consumers with their sample products. Generally, brands prefer connecting with users much before the inventory is made available in the market. This is done through teasers on t.v, pre launch ads in print mediums and discussions on forums and social media..In this way a brand gets to know the demand of their product along with consumer feedbacks.

TryOrTrade helps manufacturers do this beta testing among its consumer base. Product samples are listed on the portal at a low price which consumers buy. This helps brands market themselves without spending huge money. This can be very effective for small and medium scale brands that do not have large marketing budgets.

According to Gaurav Gupta, one of the co-founders, TRyOrTrade is more of an enabler aimed to open up market for new brands instead of just being an ecommerce  business.

From the consumers point of view the model will help them in their purchase decisions. Samples can be bought and tested at a low price creating a perspective about the product and the brand. This can save users from buying non relevant products at a later stage.

Company charges a fixed amount for listing every SKU and share revenues generated from selling samples. Currently the startup offers samples of more than 20 brands catering to cosmetics, health, nutrition, beauty and personal care products. There are delivery charges of Rs 39 for first four products and then additional Rs 3 per product.

Besides providing samples, portal is also selling through a fully fledged marketplace model. An option to buy from “Full Size Store” lists featured products at their actual cost. This is a nice mix of discounts and original prices. Users who found the sampled inventory useful can buy it from the full size store at the actual price, saving them the effort to search for their preferred products on other portals.


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