What do you sell? Holes or Drills?

Product Management

What do you sell? Holes or Drills?

What do customers need? Hole or a Drill?

If they look for a hole, why would the drill cost matter to them?

We all look for solution, but end up getting tools that can potentially provide you the solution.

Look at online office battle – what do people want? Collaboration at a cheaper price (even this is a hypothesis)?

What is Google apps? A tool or a solution? Or a hole that is desperately justifying the drill cost (for the end businesses)?

What does your product marketing statement reads as?

Most of the product companies are too obsessed with their products and tend to believe that this is the magic potion that will solve all their customer’s woes. Many established startups even have a brochure driven sales team that sells what(ever) is in the brochure.

The reality is that customers do not care about the drill and are looking for solutions to make their life simpler [Read: Are you selling Product or Solution? The Last Mile Challenge with Product Selling].

And solution selling does not mean you have to build an end-to-end customer support. Solution doesn’t mean more features and more services. In all practicality, it just means augmented services and better packaging of an existing product.

What has been your experience with product selling? Do share your insights.

[Guest article by Navneet Raj. He is currently bootstrapping.]

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