Announcing: NextBigWhat Huddle. Every day. With Community.

NextBigWhat Huddle: Where ProductGeeks Meet. Everyday.
NextBigWhat Huddle: Where ProductGeeks Meet. Everyday.

The times are tough. And it won’t get easier so soon (given the economic predictions).

Most of us are working from home and we all know how lonely and boring it gets. We miss those small things that make our lives a lot normal – that morning jog to chatting with friends / colleagues over chai, going out for lunch etc.

We understand your pain.

The positive part of WFH is that this is also a great opportunity to slow down, go back to the learning drawing board and make new friends.

Of course, online.

Introducing: NextBigWhat Huddle.

We are extremely proud to take our meetups online, but with a deep focus on community and ensuring a long-term engagement among ProductGeeks community.

  • Every weekday (Mon-Fri): 5 PM IST.
  • Thousands of product managers, marketers and founders will huddle together.
  • On a pre-defined topic (ranging from product-market fit to product management to sustaining growth/retention etc)
  • And a great speaker !
  • That is, a video based AMA but fully participatory.
  • The conversation is live-streamed on NextBigWhat’s Social channels (follow us on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter handle.
  • You can ask all your questions on ProductGeeks’ #AMA channel (on Slack/join-in).
    Note that this is our first iteration – in the next one, we will enable live-video questions as well (i.e. if you guys really need it).

It is time to come together as a community and enable each other to maximize their learning and growth. Think of NextBigWhat:Huddle as a #BIG_STANDUP – with like-minded fellow ProductGeeks, in an informal setup (grab chai/filter kaapi during #Huddle).

Make new friends. Interact with each other online.
Learn new things. Have a great time.

Huddle: Starts Today.

We start the NextBigWhat:Huddle from today (Thu/March 19th) onwards and our first speaker is Pallav Nadhani.

Pallav is the founder of FusionCharts, 17-year old 100% bootstrapped (and profitable) startup and importantly, one of the few product-led global businesses from India. Fusioncharts has recently been acquired by US-based Idera.

Pallav is open to answer all your questions on bootstrapping, going global, building product-led business. Ask all your questions!

Got questions? Ask @ProductGeeks Slack channel (join here) | Apply to speak @Huddle OR Nominate a speaker.

In Partnership with MoEngage.

We are extremely happy to announce a partnership with MoEngage team in making the NextBigWhat:Huddle possible.

MoEngage is an Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform trusted by enterprises in 35 countries, including several Fortune 500 brands. Consumer brands use MoEngage to personalize every customer interaction and drive better engagement, retention, loyalty and lifetime value.

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