Introducing: ProductGeeks. A Community. A Revolution.

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Introducing: ProductGeeks. A Community. A Revolution.

Startups. Funding.

Startups. Funding.

Run this in a loop and there you have it – a vibrant startup ecosystem.


A vibrant startup ecosystem is not just about funding – it’s *also* about intelligent conversations that focuses beyond the ‘startup’ keyword (or in other words, what/when/where are you going to use the funding for?).

Conversations that brings debates/discussions and insights on products/ marketing / operations together – conversations that are much more meaningful and useful.

Plus, we need to move beyond ‘startup’ ecosystem and actually focus on ‘PRODUCT ECOSYSTEM’ (I do mean the all caps) – that brings product teams (apart from founders) from existing companies – be it Google, Oracle or SAP.

Introducing ProductGeeks

You must have read about ProductGeeksConf that we did as part of UnPluggd. That was our first PoC towards understanding whether there is a need for a platform like this in the market or not.

The success of ProductGeeksConf, which was attended by product teams (not necessarily founders) reinforced our belief in this and today, we are happy to launch : ProductGeeks platform.


What Exactly Is ProductGeeks?

To start off, it’s an online platform that helps you discover actionable insights (from across the web) curated by the community. The ProductGeeks platform aims to create meaningful discussions that we certainly believe will help you refine your product/marketing strategy.

Is it for founders only? NO. The entire idea is to bring actionable insights and bring in product teams / marketers / sales and related teams together, under one platform.

How Does ProductGeeks Work

Pretty simple.

If you are reading some great insights on the web and want to get feedback/ share with the others, just go ahead and submit the article (use this link) and the editorial team will approve it (we do want to ensure that the quality is high and does add value to everybody else).

And of course,  vote for the ones you like (they stay active longer on the homepage) and participate in the discussions.

Introducing : Takeoff !

You have a shiny new product to showcase/collect feedback?

Ask ProductGeeks !

We are merging our products/startup coverage under the ProductGeeks section and you will now start seeing a lot of amazing products (global) being showcased at Takeoff, the product launch platform.

Our goal : Bring India’s Product Community Together. Create a platform that brings great discussions and actionable insights (More Signal. Less Noise).

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To start off, ProductGeeks Curators include @ashish and @Kanupriya. We are open for more volunteers who want to play a deeper role in shaping up the product ecosystem.
To those who want to volunteer for ProductGeeks platform, do connect with me (

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