Announcing ProductGeeks Conf: Hello Product Teams ! (Sep 13 & 14)

Building world-class GREAT products is HARD.

Really hard.

There is no formula, but definitely tons of insights and experiences on growth and scaling to learn from!

Ladies and Gentlemen: We are extremely happy to announce the launch of ProductGeeks Conference, 2-days conference 4 month-long product fest where you will learn from growth startups as well as complex large enterprises.

Scheduled for Sep 13th and 14th (in Bangalore), ProductGeeks conf will bring together India’s finest product minds – marketers, growth (un)hackers, product managers and sales ninjas – right from our city meetups to online AMAs to the conference !

We aim to foster whole lot of debates, discussions and learnings across sectors like Enterprise, Consumer with deep focus on emerging opportunities in AI, ML, Local language and related spaces.

Block your calendar. #EarlyBird Discount !

Go ahead and block your calendar for Sep 13th & 14th in Bangalore. We have an exclusive super early bird discount code (PRODGEEKS) for limited time.

Agenda? Details? You shape this!

The agenda is still being worked on. But as with any NextBigWhat conference, expect deeper content and lots of actionable insights, along with great networking experience.

We are a community driven conference and look forward to hearing from you on what you’d want to see at the conference : share your suggestions for speakers / topics / themes – we are all ears !

At ProductGeeks Conference, you will learn from some of the most inspiring product leaders and founders to:

  • Evaluate large opportunities
  • Validate opportunities efficiently
  • Make things people want
  • Ship – efficiently (optimize/prioritize
  • Focus on growth (as a habit)
  • Upgrade your skills / Scale in your career
  • You will discover great new opportunities with our partner companies


Conf Dates : Sep 13th and 14th, 2019.

Venue : MLR Convention Center, J P Nagar, Bangalore.

Super Early Bird Discount Code: PRODGEEKS

URL:ProductGeeks Conf

For any partnership related queries, just drop us an email (

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