ProductGeeks Conference : What Lies Ahead

“How do I understand my customer?”
“How do I prioritize features?”
“How do I find the right problems to solve?”
“How do I scale the product team?”

Our upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conf aims to bring geeks who build, launch and scale world-class products.

By geeks, we just don’t mean the ones who code, but the ones who think deeper – right from the product (management) teams to marketing, founders and customer success teams.

It’s high time that Indian startup/tech ecosystem starts producing global products – we have limited time to do so (before everything gets Chinesed or Silicon Valleyed). And it’s really high time we go waayyy deeeep into topics like product management / marketing / playbooks etc.
Scheduled for April 14th (Bangalore), ProductGeeks Conf is where you will connect, meet and learn with fellow product fellas.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-search-plus” color=”#0e28ef” type=”fa”] Product Market Fit to Scaling up.

At scale, all product-market fit fails. What’s the right way to go about it, then? How do I find the right problems to solve? How do I understand my customers 10X better? How do I scale?

[mks_icon icon=”fa-check-square-o” color=”#8224e3″ type=”fa”] Feature Prioritization / Roadmap / Pricing?

How do I prioritize features? How do I build a customer development framework that fuels the next growth?



[mks_icon icon=”fa-play” color=”#8224e3″ type=”fa”] Building for the Bharat market

What design aspects do I need to take care? What can I learn from others? Let’s decode the next billion market opportunity – together.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-road” color=”#f92786″ type=”fa”] 2 DEEEP Workshops

#1 on Advanced digital marketing and the other on SAAS Metrics.



The agenda is being worked on (here is a sneak preview).

Ticketing / Details

Date: April 14th
Location: Hotel Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
Event site:
Discount Code: NEXTBIGWHAT

To give you an idea of the quality, watch these videos from the earlier ProductGeeks conference (we used to club ProdGeeks conf with UnPluggd earlier).


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