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Whether you’re a founder looking to hire quality talent remotely,

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CEO looking for a meaningful acquisition or merger opportunity,

ProductGeeks is the place to be. 

The Covid-19 crisis calls for community action, and we’re here to enable it.

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If you’re a company looking for kickass folk to join your team on a full-time or freelance basis, then click below and get one step closer to peace of mind.

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If you’re an awesome techie, product manager, growth hacker or in any other super-useful domain and looking for work, then click below to apply and get seen.

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This is a time of tumult, but survival will require strategy and not just tactics. If you’re looking for a merger, acquisition or even to be acquired – then click below.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Essentially, ProductGeeks – i.e. those who are part of the product teams -> engg, product management, design, growth, sales and a bit of project management. We have a strong network of companies / teams from these roles and will be able to do justice to them.

Once we have the details from companies and job seekers / founders looking for M&A opportunities, we will match the two and share details with you (anonymized data) to take it forward. Note that we won’t be involved in the process once intro is made.

There are no charges or fees involved whatsoever.

Give us a week to help you discover jobs – we launched this in a jiffy (think of it as a MVP release).

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