GreenCD to help Production House Fight Piracy and Optimize Supply Chain

Apart from piracy, Movie production houses lose millions of dollars due to lack of visibility in demand – they end up producing millions of CDs/title every year without being sure about the market demand for those titles.

GreenCD, a product from Bangalore based GSec1 is designed to enable the entertainment industries production company to cater their supply chain management over an ordinary internet line with complete anonymity and privacy.  The system is intended to change the supply to market demand from speculation to “on demand” philosophy.  

As per founders, GreenCD can potentially create an internet based “production house” that would be available to distributors/retailers/individuals premises.
This concept will encompass four major areas :

  • Speed – it will be the fastest channel to transfer music upon release;
  • Huge Savings – in losses of time and materials in speculative over-rated albums;
  • Access – will allow individuals to download legal copies of music immediately and most importantly
  • Anti-Piracy=a solution to protect the downloading of music content and copyright.

Not only will this save cost on production: man-hours as it can be done in-house eliminating the “middle man”, materials as you need only order the material for the demand, but also on waste – reducing the amount of electronic waste thereby helping the environment.  

Overall, GreenCD solution can reduce production costs, material costs, transportation and printing costs for the music/movie/software industries.

What’s your take?

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