6 Useful Tools to Maximize Your Productivity

Everyone wants to be more productive and efficient in their job. One way to do it is of course to spend more time to finish everything needed to be done. However, what if you started to feel like you’re becoming less productive at work? What are the things that you do to fire up your motivation again?
There’s a lot of articles on motivation scattered all over the internet. But sometimes those resources are not enough to get you back on track again. If you’re interested to try a new approach that could boost your motivation to perform well, here’s a selection of effective online tools that can save your time and help you maximize your productivity.
This is a useful time-tracking application that offers notable features. It has the capability to block distracting sites on a desired amount of time, send detailed reports of your activities within the day and measures your working time. Rescue Time can also track the minutes or hours you spent on various sites or applications. In other words, the app monitors all your computer use and the sites you’ve visited while working.
Write or Die
Write or die operates through a penalty system. One of the features of this program is it allows you to select from several levels of punishment. Once the user stop from typing on the page, a visual warning will come out. As you delay working, an annoying and unpleasant sound will continue to play until you get back to work. This free online application aims to keep users on track and combat procrastination.
Getting stuck in a creative rut is a huge stumbling block for every writer. When a deadline is looming around and you can’t focus on your content, RushEssay is the writing help site that you need. They provide professional assistance in any type of writing. They also offer quality editing and proofreading services to ensure customer satisfaction.
Instapaper is a full-featured app that is designed for saving long reads for later. This app makes everything a little more pleasant to read by removing distractions like ads and speeding up the page load excellently. It is a perfect tool for readers who want to save web articles for later or offline reading whenever and wherever you are.
Unstuck app helps you get unstuck by leading you through a series of questions. The steps will determine the kind of stuck moment you are experiencing. In this tool, you can get stuck diagnosis quickly. After you completed the process, it will provide you some tips and resources on how to solve your problem and become more productive and motivated.
If you want to increase your online security with minimal effort, LastPass is a great password management solution for you. This password manager supports multiple devices and desktop software like Windows, Mac and Linux. It also helps you create, store, and manage all your passwords for every site and service you use. You can protect yourself from online data theft by using this tool.
With these powerful tools, you can now stay focused, manage your time better and complete all your tedious tasks. Instead of filling your time with not-so-important stuff, switch your focus on being more productive so that you can do more, see tangible results, and have free time for yourself.
Have you tried any of these tools? What other online tools can you recommend that can increase productivity?
[About the author: Candace Meyer is a blogger, photographer, and traveler. To know more about her catch up with her on twitter and follow her on google+.]

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