Products , Chai And Predictability : The Lesser Talked About Aspects Of Habit Forming Products

10:55 AM

10:56 AM

10:57 AM

10:58 AM

11:00 AM

You might have missed 10:59 AM there, but NextBigWhat team doesn’t !

Everyday, the team waits for hot tea from Chaipoint !


The Chaipoint person reaches our office at exactly 10:59 AM and the team plans their meetings/smoking based on this.

The predictability of service (and taste) has created an addiction of sorts. 

And that’s what great products are all about.

Addiction. Predictability. Constants.

For us, Chaipoint has successfully passed the toothbrush test, and is now a habit forming product (/service).

But what if one starts outgrowing product taste?

We will outgrow the chai taste in few months time. So will we stop using the service?

If the service is sticky and predictable (i.e. @10:59 AM), the company can always upsell its new offerings, right?.

The point is simple : Great products aren’t about products alone. It’s about predictability and the associated service levels associated with it.

A much deeper problem to solve than building an app!

What’s your take?

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