Professional networking site, ApnaCircle Launches Company Pages


Professional networking site, ApnaCircle Launches Company Pages

Professional networking site ApnaCircle has launched its Company Pages in beta. This will give companies an opportunity to highlight company news, products & services and showcase business and career opportunities to ApnaCircle members.

ApnaCircle parent company, Viadeo earlier raised $32mn in funding for expansion in Europe, China and key emerging markets (Brazil, Africa, Russia and India).

Apnacircle Company Page
Apnacircle Company Page

Company page features include:

‘Overview’ tab: You can attach social media & RSS feeds as well as discussion groups so that it serves as the DNA of your company. The overview tab first displays a ‘COMPANY LIVE’ section which shows what is latest: new employees, change of positions and latest job offers etc.

‘Careers & Jobs’ tab: is a full descriptive page which defines the work culture of the organization. This section allows you to attach sections like ‘Jobs’ & discussion ‘Groups’ which have been posted on ApnaCircle’s network.

Discussions’ tab:  Lets you add your preferred Group on ApnaCircle to your Company page.

‘Carte Blanche’ tab: This is blank space for additional content via an external url like your website or a micro site that you would like to add to your Company page on ApnaCircle.

How is ApnaCircle different from LinkedIn?

Founder, Yogesh shared his candid perspective (read our earlier coverage) :

“LinkedIn and ApnaCircle are two different networks and channels. We believe that networking for professionals does not end at one portal or site. Our biggest differentiator is our go-local strategy. We serve the younger demography and take the bottom down approach unlike LinkedIn. Also LinkedIn is for English speaking users unlike Viadeo where our core is non-English speaking countries,”

Given LinkedIn’s massive growth in India (crossed 15 million mark in India), it would be interesting to see how ApnaCircle fares in this market.’s parent company, InfoEdge earlier launched, which has failed to make a significant mark in the industry.

What’s your take on the professional networking model in India? Is LinkedIn the be-it-all or there is enough opportunity for 2-3 players?

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