Reduce Data Launches Programmatic Advertising Platform

reduce dataReduce Data has launched its programmatic advertising platform in India. Using this platform advertisers can buy advertising space via an auction over advertising exchanges. The auctions are conducted over an industry standard protocol called Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

As per Reduce Data, audiences bought over auctions are turning out to be more effective than traditional network media buying. This is mainly because advertisers only buy audiences which meet their targeting needs, price needs.

Using the platform advertisers buy each impression instead of a placement which means each user / impression is priced differently. The company tracks the full campaign funnel in real-time. Real-time machine learning delivers instant predictions on probability of the ad that is being bid on the industry standard Real Time Bidding (RTB) protocol.

Reduced Data Platform

Apart from measuring the clicked or rendered ads, apprehending and analyzing rough data, the service also provide users with metrics on the effectiveness of brand lift campaigns. Advertisers can also use the platform’s analytics to measure advertising spends.

Reduce Data Features

RTB spends are increasing in India every year. While solutions are available in India, it is estimated that the uptake is not very high due to various reasons while in markets like US, the uptake is about 20% of all digital spends.

US RTB Spending

Reduce Data says that it plans to leverage big data technologies in order to deliver highly optimized ad spends. The company claims to have access to about 6 billion daily impressions in partnerships through various exchanges.

Started by ZestAdz cofounder, Reduce Data raised angel funding last year.

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