Want to put your skills to use for a good cause, try ProjectHeena

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Want to put your skills to use for a good cause, try ProjectHeena

Have you ever wanted to help a cause you like, with the specialized skill sets you haveProjectHeena, the Mumbai based startup, is here to do just that for you. This online platform helps you help your favorite causes with skill set you have and also help NGOs and other causes or institutions find micro-volunteers with specific skill set to collaborate with them. This platform will specially help organisations with budget constraints looking for people with specialized skill sets for a limited period.

You can join the online platform by creating a profile with your skill set along with your location and the time you are available for. Through this service you will also get credited for the number of hours they have provided and a testimonial for the job done.

This platform comes in real handy for startups, non-profits, educational institutions or anyone looking for voluntary help and is happy crediting the helpers publicly and people with specialized skill sets wanting to offer help.

The company, which began functioning in late 2012, intends to connect various organizations seeking voluntary with skilled people looking to contribute. The service also intends to target the corporate world in order to make them play an active role through this platform by either engaging their employees or sponsoring various PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) initiatives.

If you want to offer your service through this platform, you first have to create a profile with attributes like time, location and skills available to contribute. Every task available has a start date and an end date. Every task has an application deadline before which you can apply to volunteer directly pitch by ‘Offering’ help or you request to help on a task by sending a ‘Seek’ request. Once the task has started the task creator and you can collaborate together on how the task will be executed. Post completion the task owner credits you on closing the task. Once credited you get the number of hours the task carried added to your profiles with the testimonials.

You can find a detailed procedure for making profiles, signing up organizations and creating tasks here.

The service currently has 108 registered users available for offering help with various skill sets.

Himanshu Chanda, Founder, ProjectHeena says

Currently we are not charging any entity or institutes for using the platform. However apart from NGOs everyone has to even help to receive help from others. The give-take ratio.  We will initially target corporate sponsorships and CSR engagements for sustaining this. There are a few more avenues but engaging corporates also helps us gain a public-private partnership which is what we want. Other avenues are donation markets, pro-bono branding etc which are up for disruption but we will consider that only post some feasible traction.”

The platform already has 10 NGOs registered with them currently and approximately 25 in pipeline awaiting approval. There is no restriction on registering with the service, but only after a mandatory round of discussion is conducted.

Do check out ProjectHeena if you are keen on helping a cause.

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