At MangoApps, Project Management meets the Social Intranet

We have been covering project management tools on and as businesses start moving services to cloud, there is an obvious need to have services that provides a full working package than just a few specific services.mangoapps

Actually, the minimal product space is almost taken over by product companies like 37Signals, Asana, Yammer etc. and the next wave probably lies in providing a combo of services. That is, being the intranet and not just project management / task management apps. And that’s where Pune based MangoApps comes into the picture.

Started by Anup Kejriwal who earlier started ThumbSpeed in 2004, which was acquired by OZ (now part of Nokia) in 2007 and Vishwa Malhotra (earlier managed and launched Networking/Security management products at Nevis Networks), MangoApps is a private social network for any enterprise with built-in productivity apps like Project Management, Task Management, document management, social intranet, etc.

Features offered by MangoApps include

  • Enterprise Microblogging : Short status updates, Threaded comments, Polls, Real-time notification etc. Importantly, you can also convert updates to tasks which is lacking in most of the collaboration tools.
  • Real-time instant messaging/Instant group chat & video conferencing
    Group chats are saved and are searchable.
  • Profile : You can import your LinkedIn profile – really helps knowing more about your colleagues (especially for an organization with distributed teams).
  • Easy document collaboration.
    You can upload/share files upto 2 GB. System also offers Document version history, task management, collaboration from others etc.
  • Project management.
  • Task Management.
    Visually appealing, MangoApps offers a nice view of task tools (the concept is quite like Trello), i.e. you can drag and drop tasks between 3 buckets/Create recurring tasks etc.
  • Partner & customer networks : You can collaborate with vendors, partners, and customers in real time by creating secure, private groups and projects.
  • Real-time activity streams : Updates from things you follow automatically show up in your activity streams. Also, the product has a nice video chat service (interestingly called, Huddle).
  • Intranet specific features like Employee poke (you can poke a colleague for taking credit for someone else’s work, excessive nose picking etc) to Employee Recognition efforts to creating events within the teams.
  • Integration: Importantly, MangoApps has been designed to work with on-premise installation as well and the company offers various tools to import data from 3rd party systems. (Out of the box MangoApps is integrated with Active Directory User Authentication, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Is present across all app stores – iOS, Windows, Desktop, Blackberry, Outlook plugin, Office plugin etc.

Pune based MangoApps competes with Jive and other social intranet applications and the SAAS application is priced at $3/MangoApp/user/month or $10/user/month for the entire suite.  Given how ineffective Email has been when it comes to productivity at work, social tools like MangoApps have an appeal across the board – right from startups to mid-sized organizations.  Future plans include providing wireless gateways (DMZ) for supporting BYOD, supporting Lync IM/XMPP services etc.

If you are a business willing to shell out $$s for your intranet, do give MangoApps a spin – for sure, it’s a very well thought out product that nicely replaces a lot of (Google/custom) apps.

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