Great Task & Project Management Tools [Alternatives to DO]

We’ve tried way too many task management tools to make things work. was one of them. If you’ve been using the social productivity app Do, to run your company, life is set to get painful. In January Salesforce will shut it down. But hey, do not panic. There are many apps out there for you to move to. Here’s a look at the social collaboration apps we like.


Podio isn’t very much like Do. It’s a little more sophisticated than that. Podio is a bit meta. Its like a drag and drop platform to create apps and workspaces for your company.For instance, you could have an app for the sales team and have them use it. Items within an app can be viewed in many different ways. Apps are integrated with file sharing services such as Google drive, Dropbox, Box and Ubuntu One so you can share heavy files easily. Apps can be created and edited by different teams using the Podio framework. It is mostly drag and drop, so its easy to create them.Podio

Podio is also integrated with other Citrix products such as Gotomeeting. Apps can have tasks. The work space is a timeline where updates are posted for everyone in the team to see. Podio is free for 5 users and costs $9 per user per month after that.


Asana is perhaps one of the easiest task management solutions out there. It can be used to create tasks, subtasks and work in a collaborative atmosphere. Users can comment on tasks and modify them as needed. You can create different teams and set deadlines for tasks. It can sync with your calendar as well. It’s got a nifty mobile app, so you can keep yourselves posted all the time.


This one allows you to manage tasks, content and projects. You can sign up for the free 14 day trial after which you will have to pay them, depending on the number of users you have.  You can create a pod for each of your projects and get cracking. The solution lets you pick from existing workflows which we think is a great feature to have. You can create custom workflows too. You can read our detailed review of Brightpod here.


You may not have heard of ClinchPad yet, because they are just starting out. We’d written about them sometime ago. It’s a very handy tool to manage sales and other such projects. Makers of ClinchPad have added a few new features making it a whole lot easier for companies to import data into the system.

The cloud based solution currently has a small set of users, but is growing quickly. ClinchPad is like the Trello for sales teams. Basically, one can key in leads, update and track its life cycle as it progresses to closure.

You can import contacts from other applications using an excel file or a .csv file. You can also sync it with your Google contacts. Clinchpad also has a neat reporting feature which gives you a nice birds eye view to be able to draw insights from.

Later this month, the company is planning to release an iPhone app.

CollaborateCloudCollaborate Cloud

CollaborateCloud is a bit like Podio. On signing up, you get a micro-site where you see your home interface with a timeline view. Like on Podio, on the cloud based social work management platform, you can create apps that perform certain functions and install it on certain workrooms.

An app you’ve created using their drag and drop interface, could have different functions. For instance, you could create an app into which the lead generation team can input name and number of a lead and it can then automatically assign a task to the sales team to follow up on the lead. This makes CollaborateCloud a powerful tool. CollabateCloud costs $8 a month for business users and is free up to five users. Read our full review here.


Trello is also a great tool for all this. The beauty of Trello is its simplicity. It lets you signup with a Google account. It lets you create lists and tasks within those lists that can be moved around. So you could have lists like To-Do, Doing & Done. This is also a multi person solution and has a great mobile interface.

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