Microsoft Rolls-Out The Project Spartan Browser With Its Latest Windows 10 Build

Microsoft has finally made available its Project Spartan browser for Windows Insiders with the roll-out of the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build.
Project Spartan Browser
The latest Windows 10 build is the second one Microsoft has rolled out in March, and the fourth since October 2014.
While the Project Spartan browser isn’t complete, it does ship with most functionalities Microsoft showed off in January this year.

Here are some of the key features:

Built-in Cortana: Microsoft did say its digital assistant Cortana would be a big part of Windows desktop software, and has made it an integral part of Project Spartan. Cortana will run in the background, throwing up contextual information based on what a user may be trying to do.
Inking and sharing: The Project Spartan browser allows users to write/type directly on a web page, letting them comment or clip anything they find interesting. The sharing function lets them then share the web note via email, or social networks and even save them directly to OneNote.
Reading List and Reading View: Project Spartan’s reading list helps a user collect things they want to read (web pages and PDF) and access them in one place at a later time. The Reading View is distraction-free mode that allows users to focus on the content.
Rendering Engine: Microsoft has adopted a new Edge rendering engine for Project Spartan that apparently allows for faster loading, while still being secure and more reliable.

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