Meet. India’s Most Promising Startups [The 2013 NextBigWhat List of 100+ Indian Startups]!

Indian Startups

Meet. India’s Most Promising Startups [The 2013 NextBigWhat List of 100+ Indian Startups]!

2013. What a year for Indian Startup Ecosystem!

Apart from a great show of energy and execution, Indian Startups surely have come of age. 2013 was the year when the world took notice of the entrepreneurial force India is becoming.

Promising Indian Startups 2013
Promising Indian Startups 2013

First, how did we arrive at this list? Well, we track more than 2,400 startups and while we will also share the list of the ones who have ‘arrived’, this list of promising/growing startups is a mix of several parameters.

1. Execution : That is, beyond the business plan, VC attention and media interest – how is the actual business shaping up? What is the NEXTBIGWHAT for the company?

2. Ability to tweak. Fast.
Most of the companies in this list have tweaked their model atleast once (call it a pivot or a simple case of better understanding of the market). That is, they have been through the hype curve and the reality has hit them quite well. And the founders have come out strong!

3. They are UnCool and UnSexy
Actually, if you look at the problem statement they are solving – it’s mostly uncool and unsexy! And that’s why we heart them!

In no particular order, here goes the list.


MagnetWorks Engineering, a Bangalore based startup founded by Sahil Kini and Tushit Jain, is trying to help medium and smaller industries by providing real time dashboards, custom reports and analytic tools to help them improve their business, at an affordable price. [Tweet This]

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Shifu is a personal assistant app for Android phone, but unlike others takes into consideration what free time you have and then only alerts you to complete a task.

The way Shifu works is by mining your smartphone usage data and algorithmically estimating how much of free time you might have at any given point of time. This involves a lot of statistical and algorithmic calculations and is a self learning one so the app will get better over time. [Tweet This]

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The company has grown globally and is integrating its coding platform + hiring solution – i.e. HackerRankX[Tweet This]


NowFloats helps SMEs create websites on-the-fly. NowFloats has raised funding from Mumbai Angels, Blume Ventures and others. [Tweet This]


Instamojo aims to simplify the entire process of selling your stuff online. The Mumbai based startup provides you an out-of-the-box e-commerce framework that takes care of mundane stuff from payments to delivery. All you need to do is share a link wherever your audience is. [Tweet This]

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gazeMetrix allows media buyers and media monitoring companies to accurately identify, measure and analyze presence of brand logos in video streams coming off live TV streams and even internet videos/photos. Using gazeMetrix you can figure out when and where pictures containing your brand are posted across social media. You can figure out which photos are going viral even before they go viral. [Tweet This]

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Wanna test your coding skills? Try HackerEarth. The startup platform is being used by several companies for recruitment. [Tweet This]


TheMediaAnt aims to democratize information related to media options for mid-sized companies including small enterprises, which don’t have access to media agencies. The company started in June last year helps advertisers and media owners in following ways: For advertisers, it offers detailed information regarding various media options and media planning for non-traditional media.” Bridging offline<->online results in a huge monetization opportunity. [Tweet This]

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Online Grocery Stores : Aaramshop, ZopNow and BigBasket

Aaramshop :is a Delhi based startup that is bringing grocery shopping online. The startup is bringing existing retailers online. A user can choose their nearby Kirana store from the listed stores along with a convenient time of the delivery.

The company launched it’s service in Pakistan, this year. [Tweet This]

ZopNow: Zopnow is an online grocery store that is now open for business in South Bangalore region (covers Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Bannergatta Road, Koramangala, HSR Layout, BTM Layout and Sarjapur road). [Tweet This]

BigBasket: is an online grocery store in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. With over 10,000 products and 1000 brands in its catalogue consumer can right from fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and dals, spices and seasonings to packaged bread, bakery and dairy products. [Tweet This]

All of these have done a great job in defining this market.

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MadRat games is a venture started by a few IIT grads who are really taking a bottoms-up approach to changing the education system in India. The venture was started by Madhumita Halder, Manuj Dhariwal and Rajat Dhariwal. The Bangalore based startup recently sold 1 lakh copies of the board game. [Tweet This]

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Rebranded from OnwardMobility, AppsDaily is an offline channel for mobile applications. AppsDaily aims to take the complexities and intimidation out of mobile applications and bring you a simple and friendly channel to understand and satisfy your app needs! [Tweet This]

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Giveter finds relevant gifts based on recipient’s age, relationship to the giver and occasion. The company, also helps you find gifts based on recipient’s personality and givers mood. Giveter has tied up with various online website/brands/physical stores with expertise in different product verticals. A promising play on discovering gifts (recommendation engine). The company recently launched Ropose and raised angel funding. [Tweet This]

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