Meet. India’s Most Promising Startups [The 2013 NextBigWhat List of 100+ Indian Startups]!

Here goes THE NEXTBIGWHAT list of NEXTBIGWHAT in Indian Startups space. You can’t ignore them.


Mettl is an online assessment platform that enables hiring managers in companies to measure and track skills of pre-hires and employees. Using the site, a company can create a standardized tests based on their own requirements in less than 5 mins. The company focuses on multidimensional testing instead of just testing one’s coding skills. [Tweet This]

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MindTickle enables businesses, trainers and individuals to transform their existing online content (PPTs, Videos, documents) into an interactive learning experience. MindTickle engages the learner and makes learning efficient, effective and delightful through a unique combination of game mechanics (points, medals, badges and leaderboard) and social tools (profiles, comments, chat and walls). [Tweet This]


NCR based startup, Unicommerce has launched its SAAS based warehouse management product called Uniware to cater to the needs of ecommerce companies grappling with order fulfillment processes and looking for cost effective and speedy solution. [Tweet This]

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EzeTap, a mobile POS company, is a merchant solution. Unlike some of the other similar solutions in this market, EZETap has a hardware accessory that actually reads the data of the Magnetic stripe of the consumers debit/credit card and securely transmits it to the server for processing. Launched. Raised funding from Peter Thiel and others. [Tweet This]

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Plivo provides basic building block APIs in the form of Plivo XML and HTTP API, to create telephony apps so developers can completely do away with learning the nitty-gritty of the telephony plumbing. [Tweet This]

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Diabeto provides a modern day solution to keep a track of the blood sugar level. In the land of diabetes ( India has the world’s largest diabetic population ), Diabeto is first in the new phase of home grown personalized healthcare devices. Diabetes meets a sweet technology implementation. [Tweet This]

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Programr is an online playground for programmers.Through  Programr you can code, run & share all type of apps – console programs, webapps, rich media apps and mobile apps – completely online. Programr makes it easy for its users to learn new technologies, sharpen their programming skills and showcase talent to the world. Nice piece of technology that has a wider reach among those who want to learn app development. [Tweet This]

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The Bangalore based startup, Dexetra has so far launched 2 successful products – Iris and Friday. The integration will enable you to ask questions about your life, yes, about your past moments and it will use Friday app to fetch you answers. Iris has served over 250 million answers through the platform and Friday boasts of over 100 million documents to the Friday cloud. One of the few kickass apps from India, Dexetra has now integrated both offerings Friday and Iris in one app. [Tweet This]

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Power2sme helps small and medium enterprises to cut purchase costs with the help of experienced professionals. The company aggregates the demand of hundreds of SMEs that enables the company to obtain the best possible pricing for their procurement needs. [Tweet This]

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Innoz’s flagship product 55444 also known as SMSGyan is an offline search engine that allows its users to search the web by sending an SMS. Innoz recently served its billionth query on sms and made it to Limca book of world record[Tweet This]

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Pune based Helpshift addresses the growing need in mobile for customer service and has raised $3.2 mn in seed financing from a round led by True Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. Helpshift’s mobile solution is offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and is hosted in the cloud. [Tweet This]

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Unmetric, the social media benchmarking company (Chennai based startup) aims to bring competitive benchmarking and intelligence on social (Facebook, Twitter) and other media. Besides comparing the performance of competing brands, Unmetric also benchmarks brands against their sector so they know if they are “on par”. [Tweet This]

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Vizury’s re-targeting solution Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) enables eCommerce and online travel companies to better target advertisements using digital data in a phased manner. The solution is used by companies such as Webjet, Virgin Airlines, Expedia, Zuji, Netshoes, Viajanet, Zozo, Kokuken, Ctrip, Yintai, Jabong, Jet Airways and MakeMyTrip. [Tweet This]

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Chargebee provides solutions to small and emerging businesses to automate their billing process. With added features like flexibility to change pricing, offer discounts and ability to run promotions without the needing a developer makes this an attractive proposition for startups looking for automation in subscription billing. [Tweet This]

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Affine Analytics

Affine Analytics identified 40- 50 parameters affecting sales of an e-commerce company and created a tool which could help the company improve on its rate of conversion. The company has also developed a framework which can be applied to companies that want to bring down time taken go through data and come up with reports. Affine does similar work for companies in various segments like retail, banking and financial services and e-commerce. [Tweet This]

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Reverie provides SDKs for various platforms so that the developers can support multiple languages for their apps. At the surface this may seem like a trivial problem and solution, but a the core lies the potential to tap into India’s large number of non-English speakers. The company which launched at the NextBigWhat startup conference UnPluggd, clinched a major partnership with Samsung to launch their phones that support 9 Indian languages. [Tweet This]

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SupportBee aims to help small and medium enterprises with a customer support tool which heavily resembles Gmail.  Customer requests and complaints land up on SupportBee as tickets which can solved by agents. SupportBee also has a feature rich API, which the companies can integrate into their product as per their needs. The bootstrapped startup launched at UnPluggd, the NextBigWhat startup conference. [Tweet This]

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Knowlarity is a cloud telephony company which offers products such as SuperFax, VirtualReceptionist and SuperConference to small and medium businesses. The company raised Rs 35 cr from Sequoia in January 2012. At the heart of Knowlarity is a cloud telephony platform called “Knowlus”. This end- to- end platform has been developed in-house using open source technologies. [Tweet This]

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Foradian Tech

In 2013 Bangalore based Foradian Technologies which made the popular open source school management information system Fedena, launched Fedena Marketplace, a place to buy plugins for Fedena.The plugins and tools sold at the marketplace can be used on Fedena’s school management system to add functionality. Fedena gives away its software for free and charges for installations/training and support/maintenance (also dual licensing/hosting services). [Tweet This]

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Mumbai based startup Housing is a property listing service. The company, founded by 12 IIT-Bombay engineers, launched many useful features in 2013 and raised some serious money from Nexus Venture Partners. It bought the domain and the national number 03-333-333-333 for a whoppng $1 million. [Tweet This]

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