Meet. India’s Most Promising Startups [The 2013 NextBigWhat List of 100+ Indian Startups]!

Here goes THE NEXTBIGWHAT list of NEXTBIGWHAT in Indian Startups space. You can’t ignore them.


Bangalore based startup Trip38, that launched at bigMobilityConf, wants to help users get well informed details regarding their travel destinations. Their service provides users with location based content such as sightseeing options, weather, hotel offers/deals, and embassy/consulate information. Trip38 is available on Android, Windows Phone and iOS. [Tweet This]

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pCloudy, that launched at bigMobilityConf, is a test environment on the cloud for developers. The cloud based platform covers over 9 versions of Android (iPhone in the pipeline), more than 8 screen resolutions, over 10 display sizes and more than 5 aspect rations for developers to test a website or an app using the browser. [Tweet This]

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i7 Networks

i7 Networks is an enterprise security company which has developed a solution called PeregrineGuard, that launched at bigMobilityConf, which will give IT managers a way of securing the network by providing controls that help in discovering devices being used by employees, maintaining inventory of devices in use in a network and applying granular access control. [Tweet This]

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Exotel, that launched at UnPluggd, is a unified voice/SMS Pay-on-the-go cloud solution for your business with no wires, capex, instruments or installations. It is a virtual business phone system with features like extensions, voicemail, conference, dialer, SMS keyword responder etc. With Exotel, you can create highly interactive & intelligent voice SMS flows within minutes. [Tweet This]

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KooKoo, that launched at UnPluggd, is a cloud telephony platform that interfaces between your web application and the caller. It takes phone commands from you and executes them on your behalf to the caller.The best way to think of KooKoo is as just another web page in your application. Only difference is, the web page is accessible from the phone rather than the browser. Earlier this year, the company recently announced the integration of social media in its products – Cloudagent and BizPhone. [Tweet This]

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OneAssist is a collection of security features (which are often present as free/paid apps in the app store) managed by a third party, combined with emergency support. The company has launched 4 products – WalletAssist, MobileAssist, EverydayAssist and TripAssist. MobileAssist helps users block their phone/SIM card from anywhere in the world and enables automated backup. The company also offers temporary handsets (for 7 days). [Tweet This]

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Phone Warrior

Phone Warrior is an app that will tell you the name & location of the unknown caller during the incoming call and also at the end of the call. The tool will also blocks unwanted Calls & SMS. The service browses through its crowdsourced phone number database to identify who’s calling you and determine whether the origin number is a spammer’s. Earlier this month Phone Warrior raised $550k from early and growth stage investor Lightspeed Venture Partners. [Tweet This]

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Datagres Technologies, a Bangalore-based data management startup. The company helps its users in speeding up application performance. The company does this by using existing centralized storage servers for data at rest, while bringing on-demand active data closer to the application servers. Last year the company launched PerfAccel, its next generation data management platform that is used to manage and scale application data in a heterogeneous storage environment. [Tweet This]


KartRocket, by Delhi based BigFoot Retail Solutions, is a DIY platform which can be used by sellers to start an online store. The platform comes bundled with international payment options, cash on delivery and a shipping platform. It comes with over 100 apps that help sellers integrate with various platforms. Earlier in July this year, BigFoot Retail Solutions raised seed funding from 5ideas Startup Superfueland 500 Startups. [Tweet This]


DataWeave is in the business of aggregating unstructured and noisy data from a large number of sources on the web and presenting it to businesses in readily usable forms. On top of data sets, they build APIs, visualizations, and analytics. PriceWeave, one of their major products, provides competitive intelligence for eRetailers, brands, and manufacturers. In April this year, DataWeave raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Blume Ventures, TLabs (Times Internet), 5ideas Startup Superfuel, Meta Studio Advisors and a group of angels. [Tweet This]


ScaleArc’s iDB software, which is available for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Postgres database environments, offers real-time query analytics and control, instant horizontal scaling, caching, dynamic load balancing and more, all without any changes to existing applications or databases. [Tweet This]


CloudByte is storage system software that runs on commodity hardware. The software can be configured to run as a storage controller that can manage storage, or it can also be configured to run as a storage device that can provide storage capacity. Their platform, when configured as a storage controller, can manage physical or virtual storage, direct attached or networked storage and file storage or block storage exposed by CloudByte storage or other vendors. In June this year CloudByte raised $4 million in a Series B round from Fidelity Growth Partners India and existing investors. [Tweet This]

Birds Eye System

Traffline, BirdsEye System’s flagship product, is a low-cost, real-time traffic monitoring system that broadcasts live traffic conditions to road commuters. Their platform also provides software and mobile applications, for transport related applications. Earlier this month, Matrix Partners invested an undisclosed amount, in the first institutional round of funding, in Birds Eye System. [Tweet This]


Bangalore based Eventifier is an automatic aggregator that collates all user generated media for an event from various social streams like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Speakerdeck, Prezi, Yfrog, Photobucket etc and makes an archive page for an event. Earlier this month Eventifier raised $500,000 from Accel Partners & KAE Capital[Tweet This]

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Urbanladder is an online furniture store that provides furniture solutions in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. The company provides close to 25 categories in furniture such as beds, sofas, coffee tables and has over 500 products online. In November, the company raised over $5 million in funding from SAIF Partners and Kalaari Capital in series A funding[Tweet This]

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A data center automation company, ideaDevice provides automation solutions to aids in lessening operational errors and manual processes in data centers. The company that currently works with the IT and BFSI sectors received Series A funding from Sequoia Capital in October. [Tweet This]


A meal booking platform, TravelKhana connects people who travel in trains with restaurants on the Indian Railways network and enables them to place orders using their phones or the website. Travelers get to pick from a range of food provided by select restaurants found on the railway network. TravelKhana raised an undisclosed amount in funding from Palaash Ventures and a group of other investors in October. [Tweet This]

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Stayzilla is a Chennai based startup that provides visitors value stays at any district or Zilla across India. Tourists can pick from an 3,751 hotels from across 600 towns in the country. Matrix Partners acquired a significant minority stake in the company in October this year. [Tweet This]

DosaMatic/Mukunda Foods

DosaMatic is a table top dosa making machine designed and developed by Mukunda Foods. According to the company, the DosaMatic is a product that makes fresh dosas in a minute at the press of a button. In September, the Indian Angel Network (IAN) announced its investment in the company[Tweet This]


Airwoot is a company that connects customers and businesses on social media channels, solve complaints and leverage customer support analytics. The Gurgaon based startup recently an undisclosed amount of funding from angel investors. [Tweet This]

Voice of Bigdata

Voice of Bigdata is a company that provides sustainable BI solutions to clients. The company researches trends in big data and provides analytics over structured and unstructured data to help clients analyse infrastructure readiness for bigdata. [Tweet This]


Wicfy is a price discovery platform that helps consumers discover the best places to shop at the best prices offline by giving information about shopping, sales, sellers or products. Makers of Wicfy, Simplibuy Technologies raised funding from various investors like Ecosystem Ventures, Everest Management Fund and angel investors in India and Singapore. [Tweet This]


Vaultize is a cloud based data storage service started by Mumbai based startup Anoosmar technologies. The service aimed at enterprises comes with enterprise class SLAs and claim to ensure secure protection of files, emails, and application databases on desktops, laptops and servers. The company that demoed at Unpluggd, secured funding from Tata Capital Innovations Fund[Tweet This]

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An online screening tool, InterviewMaster that lets companies screen potential candidates for recruitment before meeting them face to face. Using InterviewMaster, the company pre-records questions for an interview and are sent to the candidate via email or sms and receives real time answers from the candidate in an audio/video format. Makers of InterviewMaster, Empreneure Labs secured funding from VentureNursery angels in June. [Tweet This]

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Shephertz technologies is a cloud based backend technology platform company that allows developers build and deploy applications on its platform. The company provides backend for app development using App42, a unified PaaS for mobile and web applications. The company raised funding from Kae Capital, Mumbai Angels and Blume Ventures in April. [Tweet This]

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Apalya is a managed mobile video streaming service provider whose video delivery platform optimises content thereby making it suitable to be viewed on all screens. It integrates with content from mobile operators, content owners and mobile advertisers. Tech major Cisco invested $10 million in Apalya along with other investors. [Tweet This]

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