PromptCloud : DaaS for large-scale low latency data crawl and extraction [UnPluggd Demo #3]

PromptCloud offers data as a service for enterprises that deal with large amounts of data be it in travel, e-commerce, market research or any other vertical and need to leverage insights from it.

With the surging amounts of data on the web because of social media, user opinion sites, or growing business verticals, web-scale data aggregation and converting the unstructured crawled data to structured format presents enterprises with high technology barriers as well as creates a challenging problem to solve. However, this data is very important to companies who’d like to run analytics, analyse sentiments, or monitor brands or anything else that might be relevant to their company, that too in near real-time.

PromptCloud offers a pay as you go model for data crawl and extraction while solving the complexity in scaling and optimizing costs for only since customers pay for only what actually use.

Bangalore based PromptCloud was founded by Prashant in late 2009. We had covered them earlier this year, and they demoed at UnPluggd today.