Worried about Snooping? Here is how to encrypt Facebook Group Discussions

Indian government wants to track what you are talking on Facebook and if this worries you, you can encrypt your discussions at Facebook groups using the chrome extension (link), developed by Chennai based developer, Shan.


How does it work?

Once you install the plugin, enter the group details in the plugin setting.  Now, when you type a text in the group page, any selected text will be automatically converted into encrypted format by this extension, so when the user clicks on post or presses enter ,the encrypted format of the current text gets stored in database instead of normal text. And again from Facebook’s database it is converted back from Encrypted format to normal text so that it gets displayed as normal text for the user and others.

To view the encrypted data,you need to remember the key and enter it in the extension setting page (the extension uses 256-bit symmetric key encryption.).

See the below screenshot of a test group (try out this test id: Group : http://www.facebook.com/groups/349925405039383/, Key:freespeechfreespeech)

encrypted-facebook-groups1An interesting concept – this was developed by Shan, as a ‘respect’ to Kapil Sibal,  the man who wants to manually scan all the tweets and Facebook status updates by Indians.

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