Protect your child from online abuse

Good news for parents – protecting their child from online harassment has become somewhat easier.

NetIdMe – has launched virtual ID card, designed to ensure your child’s online safety.

How does it work?
In order to avail this service, one needs to have a NetId account.

For those who are under-18, they need to have the registration form (hard copy) signed by their parents/teachers.
Parents and children can apply for the card using credit card details and a form countersigned by a professional who knows the child concerned.
NetIdMe will then verify the details for the correctness of data.

The members need to swap their Net-IDs with new online friends before they
start chatting. This means that they know the age, gender, and general location before deciding whether to chat with them or not.

While this is not completely foolproof (after all, anybody can get a NetId), but definitely will reduce the risk of online harassment and act as a deterrent to predators.

As of now, this service is available only in US, UK, Australia and Canada.

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