Proto Coverage: Blinkmagic,Ferox Foods, NextBit, Lipikaar, Eko

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Blinkmagic is an online retail startup that is building a play on online shopping experience – probably the most liked startup so far (@ proto)!

Ferox Foods

Ferox foods is the next generation health food that sells Makhana flakes n popcorns (estimated to be 30cr market)

NextBit computing

Nextbit computing ‘s product gCoSign is an intelligent OOH tool that enables centralized web interface to control the hardware installations remotely – a big cost saving on operational aspect of running OOH ads.


Lipikaar is a simplified typing method for both monolingual and bilingual users. The tool is designed to encourage extensive usage of Indic languages beyond a casual remark or a phrase. For example, typing a document, an article, an email, a presentation, a blog – all of these currently happen in English because we have a mechanical typing method (keyboard).

Lipikaar supports 2000 languages and the revenue stream is via selling the software.


Eko , mobile banking solution in partnership with Centurion Bank of Punjab has launched ‘Abhilasha’ – No Frills Savings Accounts in limited to 5000 customers.

Eko enables customers who have mobiles to be banked as a first step towards profitable financial inclusion. The customers will be acquired and serviced by Eko Relationship Officers (EROs) and would transact at Eko Cash Points (ECPs).


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