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LordsofOdds .[our earlier review] is a market based game where users can trade predictions of sports,, Entertainment Politics using virtual money. The core idea of the game is to harness and showcase the wisdom of crowds through the fantasy game on sports, entertainment and current affairs.


LootStreet (earlier review) is a bargaining platform that is not really an auction service, but instead is a one-to-one bargain. Once you signin, you can set a loot price for a product (loot is actually a misnomer, since you can’t set a ‘drastically low’ price. If you try to setup something way below the selling price, your loot will be marked as spam) and the price is sent to seller.


Delhi based ApnaBill is trying to turn an offline model into an online model – with a stress on reducing the operating costs, thereby maximizing profits.

ApnaBill lets you do bill payment, recharge mobile bill using mobile coupons.

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