Proto’s summer edition is HOT..and is open for nomination

The summer edition of Proto is slated for 21st & 22nd July@ IIT, Chennai. And let me assure you that this edition of Proto is really HOT – not because of it’s venue (i.e. Chennai:), but because of the big ticket VCs that are participating in this event.

Few of the big names are:: Sequoia Capital, GreyLock Ventures, Canaan Partners, Footprint Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Ventureast, NEA-IndoUS Ventures, Plus Ventures, Reliance Capital, Intel Capital, Nadathur Holdings,Band of Angels, iLab Ventures, Matrix Partners, SeedFund, Passion Fund, Mentor Partners, [and many more..].

If you are a startup, you know the stakes. It just can’t get bigger than this.

I did a podcast with Vijay Anand, one of the key organizers of Proto. In this podcast, Vijay shares his insights on Proto [what/how/why..and more!] and answers the following questions::

  • What is Proto?
  • What’s the process of nomination, filteration, and how does the VC interaction begin?
  • Is Proto only for early stage startups?
  • How much time does a startup has [to present the demo to VCs]?
  • Couple of startups are interested in attending Proto more for networking purpose [and not for funding]. How do they go about it?
  • Is there a fee for participation?

Read the Proto Blog | If you are a startup, file your nomination here.

Dates to remember:

  • Nominations will close on June 5th, 2007
  • Proto’s dates are: July 21st and 22nd [@IIT Chennai]

Numbers you should know::

  • Out of the nominated companies, 30 will be selected to showcase/demo their product.
  • And only these companies will have to pay Rs. 10,000 for the event [nomination is free].
  • Individuals will have to pay Rs.1,000 to attend the event. [listen to the podcast to know why!]
  • Startups will have 6 minutes [or maybe a minute more] to demo their product.

stay ‘coz we are up for more action [read: podcasts with startups and product reviews] in the coming days.

Exciting times ahead!
By the way, if you have questions for Proto organizers, please leave them in the comments section. I will follow up with Vijay and post them here.

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