Is Proto only for early stage startups? – Interview with Vijay Anand of Proto

Is Proto a VC centric event? What happened to startups who demoed @ the last edition of Proto?’s january edition has been announced and I am sure, many of…

Is Proto a VC centric event? What happened to startups who demoed @ the last edition of Proto?’s january edition has been announced and I am sure, many of you might have questions like these.
Here is presenting a candidproto interview with Vijay Anand, key organizer of Proto:

For the benefit of readers, please share the motto behind Proto.
To create an ecosystem;to make it richer, more perceptive, and more startup-friendly. If a company can grow to a point where it has better valuation, customers, clients and a team without having to raise capital (unless its absolutely necessary), then I believe, we’ve achieved our goal.

Since the last few months, we have seen whole lot of other events where startups can interact with VCs and vice versa. What extra do you think Proto has to offer?
VCs are just one part of the equation and barely do constitute for much when it comes to a startup. The companies and entities that are looking to support early stage startups, SMEs looking to partner and align with new product and visionary teams, professionals looking for exciting opportunities, those are the people who will really make a startups’ day quite exciting. Proto is about bringing those people who really matter, onto the table.

The uniqueness of Proto comes from the fact that its a ground up approach, where startup entrepreneurs come together, display what they have and say what they want and the community around them pitches in to grow them – unlike most other events where the others are the key elements. At Proto, the startup is the centre of the universe and always will be – as it should be in a healthy ecosystem.

Any updates from the startups that demoed in the last Proto?
The blog post series that I’ve started at , gives a good highlight. There are much more to come.

What will be the focus of Proto this time? What combination of Internet/Mobile/Enterprise/non-IT startups do you think?

This is still a bit early to say. There are a few telecom, and also consumer hardware segment that looks quite promising. usually some of the best companies pop in at the last minute. Lets’ wait and see.

Is proto for early stage startups only?
Proto is an ecosystem that strongly cares about building that initial base of customers, mindshare and traction for your product. We are strongly biased towards early stage startups, but we will also be open to great technology and products that have gone unnoticed and needs a fresh boost to get noticed.

Got more questions? Please leave them in comments section or email me.

PS: The next part of our interview with Vijay will be published in the month of Jan, 2008.
Disclaimer: I am one of the organizers of Proto.

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