Live coverage of presentation – “New Frontiers” segment


Live coverage of presentation – “New Frontiers” segment

Companies that participated in “New Frontiers” segment

ThinxWorks: Amazing concept and amazing videos – Thinxworx is into clay movie production and showcased their offerings with very interesting videos.

Thinxworks is planning full length series in the near future. The revenue will come from TV licensing, partnership (with studios like Disney etc).

@ Proto: Looking for funding

Lucid Software
Lucid is the leading provider of software services and solutions to the global Non Destructive Testing (NDT) industry.

@ Proto: Looking for funding, support

Hyper Analytix
Hyper Analytix is developing a next-generation solution that will enable an order of 10X improvement in verification quality and productivity in IC design.

@ Proto: Looking for Series A funding.

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