Proven ways to skyrocket your website’s conversion rate.

Your startup’s homepage has less than 3 seconds to hook visitors. Zapier does this using 3 key pieces before visitors scroll: • Header: Explains the product benefit • Sub-header: Handles objections • Call-to-action: Shows the next step – Growth Tactics

Zapier’s homepage is optimized to convert cold traffic into $140M in revenue this year This thread reverse engineers how they do it, so you can get there faster Apply these proven tactics to double your website’s conversion rate:
Tactic: When drafting your header, write at least 10 variations Share them with people who don’t work in your industry You’ll know you’ve got a good header if people outside your industry can say back what you sell in one sentence
Recap: At this point, visitors now know: • What Zapier sells • How it helps them • Why it’s relevant to them • How it’ll change their life • The next step The last question left un-answered: “So what?”

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