Public Transport Vehicles Must Have GPS By Feb 20

All public transport vehicles now have until February 20 to install GPS devices, according to new Government orders said a report.

In light of the growing crimes against women, the Government had first asked public transport providers to install devices by September 30, 2013.


Failure to comply with the February 20 deadline will result in action being taken against the owners of public service vehicles said the report by PTI.

Earlier, in January, the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs had allocated Rs 1,404 crore to install video recorders, panic buttons and CCTVs under a project being called the National Vehicle Security and Tracking System.

The project is set to be implemented at both the National and State level (City Command and Control Centre). It will cover 32 cities of 13 states with a population of 1 million, in its first phase.

The funding for the project is set to be taken from the ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ and will be implemented within two years.

With the new system, the Government seeks to:

  • Map routes of public vehicles

  • Highlight violations through visual and text signals

  • Alert the police when the panic buttons are used through visual, text and voice signals

  • Use CCTVs to ensure that video recording in public transport vehicles with large seating will capture evidence and act as a preventive for probable offenders.

Apart from concerns of privacy that the system may cause, it can only be as effective as the police force present in a city.

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