PubMatic – maximize your revenue from online ads.


PubMatic is a new service that helps web site publishers run the highest paying ads from top ad networks.What is it? How does it work?
To put it simple, PubMatic is a bridge between your site and the ad network (like Google adsense, Yahoo publishing network etc), and helps you to maximize your revenue from the online ads.
It’s pretty simple to use:

  • Enter your Google adsense/YPN account credentials
  • Create ‘ad tags’ – which are basically ad codes (like the way you have for adsense)
  • Embed the ad tag in your site; and there you go.
  • PubMatic’s optimization algorithm will deliver relevant CTR ads to your site


How does it work? Why use PubMatic?
PubMatic uses sophisticated analytics and real time connections to all of the leading ad networks to determine the optimum ad style for you (size, color, text/banner/video format, etc.) and the optimum ad network for you to use.

Unlike any other ad network, you don’t have to auction your ad space and be involved extensively (I stopped using adbrite since I found it really painful to use) . PubMatic’s algorithm will help you maximize your revenue earning by optimizing the CTR (click through rate), layout etc.

For publishers PubMatic helps you auction your ad inventory to the major networks you work with already, optimize your contextual creative and ad formats to optimize your click-thru rates.

The alpha release is limited to first 100 users (register now) and PubMatic covers just the basic ad optimization only (i.e. ad colors).

PubMatic has also rolled out cool Y! widget to track your daily earnings too. I look forward to using this tool. Will share my detailed review after few weeks.

By the way, PubMatic comes from the house of Komli (very recently received funding from Helion ventures and DFJ).


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