Pubmatic Story : “You cannot just sit there and expect things to happen”

Pubmatic, an online advertising optimization firm was started in 2006 and is rumored to be planning an IPO (or even had a $300mn offer from Amazon?).

Well, the amazing part about Pubmatic story is how the team started and the challenges they faced while building the company.

At UnPluggd, Mukul Kumar, cofounder of Pubmatic shared the journey.
In his own words:

“There were times we had this challenge in our first office, we would either get electricity or we would get broadband, we would never get both of them together. And when there was no electricity we would loose the routing capabilities. We were just two people in the company and we were managing the servers in the US from India , we were the ones deploying it, we were the once coding all the time, we were the people who were talking to customers and we used to have demos at mid-night for US customers. And when the electricity issues would pop-up during mid-night, we used to run around in our bikes with laptops in our hands to look for places where we could find the broadband (my place, our my co-founders place). So the key lesson is that you cannot just sit there and expect things to happen, you have to be ready to do anything and just have the conviction that ” I am going to do this”.

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