WordPress Bloggers – Reach your Readers Real time with PubSubHubbub Implementation

How much time does it take for feed reader to show new content from your favourite blog? How much time does it take for Twitter to publish your blog’s rss feed?

In general, you will find a significant lag in publishing of content and the time it is available to content readers.

PubSubHubbub, a server-to-server web-hook-based pubsub protocol is the core of real time web and now, WordPress bloggers can publish their post using the PusH protocol.

PubSubHubbub Protocol

Keeping the technical jargon aside, PubSubHubbub (open source) protocol delivers data the moment it is available. Like a pubsub (publish/subscribe) model, content is published to a hub and subscribers to that hub will receive the content in real time.

What’s the benefit, if you ask me?

Imagine this – if you have a breaking news and it doesn’t reaches your readers in real time, the whole point is lost! As web goes real time, your content also needs to go real time and RSS protocol has certain limitations in this context.

As far as RSS readers are concerned, Google Reader has implemented PubSubHubbub, but its of no benefit if your blog is not publishing to the hub.

Enabling WordPress Blog for PubSubHubbub Protocol

WordPress.com is already enabled for PubSubHubbub protocol and those who are running their own installation, can avail this feature by installing the plugin, PuSHPress.

Unlike few other plugins, PuSH includes the hub features of PuSH protocol (inbuilt) and the updates will be sent directly from WordPress to your PuSH subscribers.

Enabling PubSubHubbub will atleast enable your Google Reader subscribers to read your blog in real time.

For more information on PubSubHubbub protocol, watch this video:

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