Get Pune Bus Information on Your Mobile [Sans GPRS]

Google earlier launched Transit service in Pune, but the main drawback of the service is that you need GPRS connectivity to access Google maps – hence limiting the service to only those who have an active GPRS connectivity on their mobile.

Mumbai based M4Mum (earlier expanded to Bangalore) has launched their Pune app (link) that works without GPRS connectivity – i.e. a simplified downloadable app.

App Features

  • No need to send and spend on SMS.
  • No GPRS/Mobile Internet.
  • User friendly¬† [Search bus within 10 key strokes! In less than 10 seconds].
  • J2ME compatible [Works on Mobile Phone of Rs. 3000/!)

M4Mum has partnered with New Indictrans Technologies, which is the technical partner for Pune Bus Guide and is involved in digitization and marking of PMPML schedule of map.

Big Google or the M4Mum Startup? Well, Google has the reach, the privilege of being the default mapping service, but it appeals only to those who have mobile Internet. While m4mum’s product has a mass appeal, but less (or zero) marketing budget.

Who wins in the long run? If you are from Pune, do give the app a download and share your feedback.

Like we asked earlier (when Google launched the service),

With Google launching these services in India, what do you think will be the strategy of startups like M4Mum?

Lets reverse the question and ask:

With M4Mum launching this service (which works without GPRS/SMS), what do you think will be the strategy of biggies like Google?


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