Q & C Nano: A smart water dispenser which uses 7X less energy

It is the world’s first smart, and smallest home, small office water dispenser. It uses 7x less energy than the average water dispensers. It has the first ever slide and drink touch interface. It has a beautiful sleek and clean design. It can be controlled and maintaned via the Q&C App.


About the Nano team.
Nano is designed by Q&C, which has delivered water dispensers and filtration devices to homes and businesses for 10 years. Q&C also manufactures small parts for various water purification products. The company has more than 5000 happy customers. After three years of product development, Q&C is now ready to unveil the Nano.
Q&C Watercoolers CEO Marton Szabo states that “we must all make individual choices that reduce our carbon footprint. The Nano water dispenser can play its own small role in families’ efforts to save our environment.”

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