Delhi Engineer Wants to Make Wireless Chargers Actually Usable [Blind Positioning Charger]

The number of phones which support wireless charging are still limited but more and more phones are being released with support for this every month. But most of these chargers have a single charging coil and also require you to place your phone flat on the charger.

Now Tapan Mittal, an electrical engineer from New Delhi, is trying to do something different with Qitah, which he claims is world’s first Blind Positioning wireless charger.qitah

The project is still in its initial stages and is trying to raise $80,000 on Indiegogo for further development. The Indiegogo page mentions that the product will ship to backers in January 2014.

Qitah seeks to be different from others by having a three coil system and a 40 degree incline combined with a soft smartgrip which will allow users to place their phones in whatever angle they want to.

Because of the smartgrip the phone wont slide off and it will make it easy for you to check the phone when it is at an inclination. Since one won’t pick up the phone this will also make sure that the user does not forget to place it back on the charger.

The charger can also be changed to a 7 degree incline for when you keep it on the side of your bed.

The Qitah is built on Qi version 1.1 technology, that’s the latest version and will work with all phones that support the Qi wireless charging standard.

Do you think this is the type of wireless charger that people have been waiting for? Also if you want to support the project head on over to the Indiegogo funding page.

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