QnA : Average Closure Time for Angel Investment in India

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Angel Investment in India – What’s the Expected Closure Time?

How much time does it take to close an angel investment in India?
Generic question – but to give you specifics, we are a SAAS player and have been talking to some of the angel network. The thing is that the discussions are on for more than 2 months and needles doesn’t seem to move in any direction.

Is that a general ‘practice’ (unlike Silicon Valley where things move really fast!)..?

How to Calculate TAM (Total Addressable Market)?

We are an Internet startup and have a very basic question regarding TAM (Total Addressable Market). Most of VCs/Investors we have met have asked this question and even when they attempt to take a shot, we have got crazy differences in TAM. Is there a ‘formula’ based approach?

Will a lawyer accept 10% stake in return for unlimited consulting?

I am a founder of a dotcom. In India, my website is not going well as I expected. But anyway I am launching in USA. But I think for my site legal procedures are there. Will any lawyer, instead of asking for fees, accept 10% stake stake and give unlimited counseling? Is it ethical to ping a lawyer and ask like this? Is 10% enough or too big?

Do we need to care for patents filed by big brothers?

How much we should care as an Indian entrepreneur for patents filed by big brothers? I just read about patents filed by apple to gain exclusive rights (http://alturl.com/weyrk) and wondering how it affects to companies who is doing business in India and/or outside India, having headquarter in India. Most of the time, we don’t know what is patented and what to do if we still need that feature? As per my knowledge, we don’t have such patent filing in India for software related stuff. Lets share your views.

how much share we can offer to mentor?

We are a service based company. Currently we are working on SAAS based product and planning to go live in a year time. A senior faculty from reputed engineering college is associated with us on non-profit basis since we started. His role is kind of mentor and he is not part of execution. His is good in people networking as well as legal stuff and also has vast experience in some technology area which might helpful to us in long run. So, we are planning to offer him some share in our company, which will benefits him on long run. Need advise on how much percentage we can offer him? considering his role will be kind of a mentor, a communicator and a legal as well as technology consultant whenever we need help and he is not going to make any investment in our company.

Few other interesting queries

Equity instead of payment to vendors

directorship in companies

Are there in Stock Fulfilment Service providers in India?

How to simply evaluate a company valuation in this case?

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