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How to calculate Customer acquisition cost?

Is there a methodology to calculate customer acquisition cost?

We are into ecommerce and would like to understand the process/parameters involved in calculating customer acquisition cost.

Couple of logistics questions on starting a shopping portal

Hi…I am exploring the feasibility of a niche shopping portal. Am yet to finalize the product but one of the strong potential short-lists is luggage and bags. A couple of areas that I’m hoping for directional inputs are –

1. How do we update the images (pictures with different angles with or without models) /information/specifications of the product, specially if they are drop shipped directly to the consumer from different locations of the brand manufacturers across the country?

Intellectual property of book authors

I am wishing to start an online library in which people can contribute the books they own and rent other people books.  The rent collected would be shared with the person owning the book.  This way the people who are purchasing original book would be encouraged and their cost would be shared and people can read original books at low cost.

Free Press Release Sites for India

Is there a list of free press release sites for India? I know of Indiaprwire – they hardly approve of any release.
Can others share the list?

Free E-commerce Templates?

I’m looking for an implementation of a basic ecommerce site coded in PHP or Python. Considering there are so many e commerce sites available and have been around for so long, I’m sure there are templates available for free or paid ones. Where can I find some samples (with source code) to start as base for an application I am building?

Mobile Apps Download to Install Ratio

Is there a standard ratio of mobile app download to install?
We tried tracking that and we come close to 15% or so. Is it good or bad?

Director of own company and Director for my main Client?

I am a Freelance Quantity Surveyor with my own Ltd. company of which I am the Director. I sublet my services to a Joinery company and work for them 5 days a week, I do work for other companies (not in competition with the joinery company) on evenings and weekends and have an employee who I also sublet to the Joinery company. My working for my Ltd. company and having other clients is totally known to the joinery company.

Clients who spring up agreements with un-limited liability clauses ?

So you work hard to try and close a deal, satisfy all technical/pricing requirements for the product/service sale to happen and then suddenly out of the blue finance/legal department of the client springs an agreement that could create un-limited liability for your company. What are the choices/course of actions available to a company selling products with commodity like margins and no in-house legal team ?

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