QnA : Who is held responsible in case of a fraud transaction on a site?

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Inventory Management Software

..to maintain Inventory in India and in US, we are finding difficult in updating our excel sheet every day.

Those who know and tested the best and free available inventory software, Please share with me.

How to monetize incremental idea?

I have new ideas for the existing web businesses in travel, matrimony segment. But i am not able to think how i can monetize them. Does anyone have gone through this? Any solution?

who is held responsible in case of a fraud transaction on a site?

For example, if I report that someone has misused my credit card information to do a transaction, who eventually ends up paying for the loss?

1. The credit card holder (the user, me)
2. Credit card issuer Bank (e.g. ICICI, HDFC etc)
3. Credit card company (e.g. Mastercard, Visa etc)
4. Payment Gateway service provider (e.g. ccavenue etc)
5. Site owner (e.g. Yatra.com etc)

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How to shut down a private limited company in India?

I’d like to understand the process to shut down a private limited company in India.
We are two cofounders and have decided to shut down the company – from what I know, shutting down a pvt limited firm isn’t easy and one has to spend close to 50,000 for the same?

Another Qn – I will join a company now. If I don’t shut down the pvt ltd company, how does it impact my tax status?

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