Instacoll founder’s Deck App wins Qualcomm $100,000 Qprize 2012 Challenge

Qualcomm has announced winners of QPrize 2012 contest and Bangalore based Deck App has won the $100,000 prize, followed by Uberlabs (which launched its product gazeMatrix at UnPluggd) which received $25,000 from Microsoft.

Deck lets you create presentations/slideshows on devices and importantly, decouples content creation and presentation part. The app is available for iOS as well as Android devices. The lesser known fact about Deck app is that it is started by Sumanth Raghavendra, cofounder of Instacoll (company that raised funding from Sabeer Bhatia and launched products like Live documents).

The second winner is Uberlabs that measures brand presence in TV streams, internet videos and social platforms using computer vision technology.

gazeMetrix allows media buyers and media monitoring companies to accurately identify, measure and analyze presence of brand logos in video streams coming off live TV streams and even internet videos/photos.

What are your thoughts on the two winners? Deck app will now compete with other regional winners for QPrize Global challenge (and $150K additional prize).

– Read more about Qualcomm QPrize.


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