This Book Seller Has A Thing To Teach Entrepreneurs [Qualifying Sales Leads]

I am learning how to sell. And very often, I don’t get it. One of the biggest challenge in sales is figuring out qualified leads. To put it the other way, weeding out unqualified ones!

Every lead seems like a qualified one, until you spend time with them to only understand that they were window shopping.

Here is what I learned selling

A qualified lead is not just the one who is looking to buy from you, but is somebody who really understands what they need AND why they should buy from you.

  • They need to know that talking to you means serious business (and they/you need to have done respective homework).
  • Importantly, they need to know that you mean business.

In the first interaction itself, the system should be able to weed out the windows shoppers.

And that’s what this book seller in MG Road (Bangalore) is doing:

Qualifying Leads!
Qualifying Leads!

Go inside, if you are interested in buying books. Stay away, if not. Ofcourse, you can still be a window shopper, but you now know why you entered the shop.

A bit arrogant, but you get the clue right?

Implementing A Similar Feature in SAAS?

There are multiple SAAS pricing options, but one that I believe really matches with the book seller strategy is Free Trials.

You don’t give away free accounts, but only offer limited free trials (30 days is the standard). And you take the credit card details upfront (just the way Apple does), so as to ensure that there is much deeper commitment from customers to try/buy than just register an account. 

In short, this works to weed out windows shoppers and saves a lot of your time. An engaged customer is much more valuable than the ones who are just ‘checking out’.

The flip side is that you have far lesser leads in pipeline, but good to have a curated customer base than a crowd which may not matter.

What are your thoughts?

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