Startup Roundup: QueryHome & Fabhres

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Startup Roundup: QueryHome & Fabhres

Query HomeBesides the startups we profiled in detail earlier, here are a couple of startups that we came across last week.


Users searching for technical help have always found it difficult to filter out apt answers from all the noise in search results. A Bangalore based service, QueryHome is trying to solve this issue by provide the right answers and solutions,in the technical field to the right audience.

Many, including technical researchers and search users, are not satisfied with the results and personalized answer they receive online. Many websites have been trying to solve this problem over the years and succeeded in their own ways.

QueryHome, started in 2013, began by targeting users searching for technical problems in the IT and telecom space, but over time also became a platform to publish articles, and posting technical job.

queryhome page

QueryHome allows users to moderate editing of answer, questions, comments and closing of question based on the points they have earned over time on the platform.

The platform currently has over 1400 active users and has answered over 3500 questions since starting. It is currently free to use but plans to monetize in the future through Ads, recruiters and paid content.

QueryHome is based on Question2Answer (Q2A), an open source Q&A platform for PHP/MySQL, and has a lot to improve as far as implementation goes.


If you’re looking for a hotel to stay for the cheapest rates, there’s a new service in town claiming to provide that. The online travel platform Fabhres Holidays wants to break the stronghold of the big players of the Indian OTA industry.

Started in August 2013 by friends Henry Paul and Rajesh Abraham, Fabhres currently says it has a database of 15,000 hotels from across the country.

The company claims to have a target customer base of both domestic tourists. It also includes a core market who travel both in the on and off seasons.

How Does Fabhres Work in Organising Holidays?

Unlike normal OTAs, Fabhres operates and organises hotel rooms and packages without any aggregators involved in the process.

“You as the end user may not know it, but a lot of the existing players are very interconnected and play the price manipulation game very well. We want to break this by directly contracting with hotels, instead of some aggregator telling us what rate to quote,” says John Fabhres, a co-founder at Fabhres Holidays.

Fabhres’ and its team of 15, personally network with different hotels across the country to get them on board the platform.

Fabhres networks with IATA and non-IATA agents from across the world to further their business as well. Travel agents who register and work with Fabhres also have a host of perks offered to them.  This includes,

  • Self-creation of voucher, invoices, receipts and credits to forward  to sub-agents.

  • Reports that help gauge sales in a particular period to improve productivity.

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