Your questions to Appnomy Panel [Topic: Is Apps-only a Scalable Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs?]

To a large extent, app platforms provide a global opportunity – but we haven’t yet seen the ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Instagram’ from India. But it won’t be too long when you will see India based app startups making it phenomenally BIG at the global scale and with this belief, we will conduct an interesting talk at the upcoming Appnomy Conference (scheduled for April 14th/Saturday).

In India, we have hundreds (if not thousands) of Mobile app development companies but we see very few who are building businesses out of Mobile applications, Why? Can “app-only” business strategy even work ? How can our Mobile entrepreneurs build more global businesses ?

Panel Topic: Is Apps-only a Scalable Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs?

The discussion will have following panelists:

  • Ashay Padwal (Cofounder, Vserv): Ashay will discuss the monetization trends/categories and share his insights at the event.
  • Shailesh Lakhani (VP, Sequoia Capital): Sequoia invested in Sourcebits and at Appnomy Conference, Shailesh will discuss some of the important specifics of app business (from an investor point of view).
  • Kalyan Manyam (Founder, Mojostreet): Kalyan is building an India specific app business, so I am sure he has lot to share (with respect to sales pitch to brands).
  • Narayan (Founder, Dexetra): Narayan and his team build the famous IRIS (Android’s SIRI) app and recently raised funding from One97. As a company, they are building global apps – so Narayan will share his experience/challenges.The panel will be moderated by Lalit Bhise (founder, Mobisy).

That is, a good mix of players and ecosystem entities with a specific context. If you have questions that you think should be addressed, do share in the comment section (or simply email to ashish [at]


Appnomy Conference Details

Date: 14th April, 2012
Time: 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Venue: Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd, 139/25, Ring Road, Domlur, Bangalore 560 071, India
Contact: Kunal (+91 92410 09423).

Registration link:

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