From a Computer Repair Shop to Building Market leading Antivirus : The Quick Heal Story

From a humble calculator repair shop to a successful antivirus company, Katkar brothers have come a long way!

Quick Heal Technologies, founded by the duo in 1993, sells antivirus products to SMEs. Before starting up Quick Heal, Kailash served as a maintenance engineer at Data Star Electronics. When Kailash’s younger brother Sanjay Katkar came up with a highly reviewed project on Computer viruses during his post grad, he encouraged him to take a step further by diversifying their core capabilities into the creation and development of antivirus solutions.

The QuickHeal Story
The QuickHeal Journey

In many ways, Quick Heal is a case study in marketing and distributing in the Indian market. Creating marketing strategies and reworking on operational strengths to build a dedicated Research and Development center and a strong ground-support team that now spans over 30 cities in India (and 60 countries).

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