Quikr Launches Logistics Capabilities For Quikr Doorstep In Bangalore

Quikr has announced plans to further augment Quikr Doorstep with the rollout of its own operational capabilities including its own fleet of delivery trucks.

The fleet will help fulfil delivery of C2C transactions from its platform and will work in parallel with its external logistics partners to address increasing consumer demand.

To organise the C2C transactions market by facilitating price negotiations, payment, pickup and delivery, Quikr recently launched Doorstep. It is the only platform to offer end to end solution for all steps of C2C transactions across the country.

Doorstep helps buyers and sellers negotiate in real time via Quikr’s messaging platform and provides an option to complete the entire transaction online.

Pranay Chulet, Founder & CEO, Quikr said, “As an industry leader, we realised that we need to complete the C2C transaction loop in order to bring convenience to our consumers. A key part of this is to offer a seamless way for consumers to move goods around. It’s not an easy problem to solve because, unlike e-commerce, it involves two separate consumer touchpoints instead of one. But that’s precisely wherein lies the opportunity to bring convenience to the consumers and we feel we owe it to them. Operational capabilities are an important piece of this puzzle, and we decided to bring this piece in house in order to have full control over the consumer experience.”

Since the launch of Quikr Doorstep, Quikr has witnessed 100% growth month on month in the first 6 months in the transactions happening on its platform.

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